Course Map

The starting line is located at 1,950 metres above sea level at the top station of the Betten-Bettmeralp aerial cableway. The first kilometre takes runners along the tarred road through the village of Bettmeralp until the climb towards lake Bettmersee begins on the unpaved road.

 High above lake Bettmersee, the route heads towards Riederalp and up to Riederfurka. Running around the Riederhorn provides a fantastic view of the Rhone valley and over to the 4,000-metre peaks of the Valais Alps.

Passing by Riederfurka again, the route then takes runners along the ridge at the very edge of the Aletsch Glacier, the longest and mightiest glacier in the Alps.

The last two kilometres offer real mountain racing in every sense. Following the ridge of the Bettmerhorn, the steep final climb leads to the finish line at 2,650 metres above sea level.