32. Aletsch Half Marathon on Sunday 18 June 2017

Limit on number of participants 2017

The decision to limit the number of participants is basically being adhered to 2'500. This decision will ensure the organisation of the race continues to run smoothly in the future.

Further information on the organisation and information for runners, etc. can be found on our webpages. 

The original route is permanently signposted and GPS-referenced

The original route has been permanently signposted since summer 2013 and can be used as a training route or hiking route before or after the Aletsch Half-Marathon. The GPS data will be switched on and linked shortly. 

The Aletsch Half-marathon - a mountain run in the only UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in the Alps

Since 2001, the Great Aletsch Glacier and its surrounding territories have been under rigorous protection, not only under Swiss law. The magnificent natural beauty of the area around Jungfrau, Bietschhorn and the Great Aletsch Glacier also attracted the attention of UNESCO, which added the region to its list of World Natural Heritage Sites. This ranks the Aletsch region with Ayers Rock and Barrier Reef in Australia, the Serengeti in Africa and Yosemite National Park in the United States.

A unique feature of the race is that the runners can glimpse the achingly beautiful heart of this World Natural Heritage Site as they run through it. The altitude and the gradients in this half-marathon are vertiginous - but the view of the glacier and the 4,000-metre peaks are even more breathtaking.